The Next Generation of Green Materials

For over a decade, Xyletec Developments, LTD, has been committed to the development of technology that provides a lasting positive impact on our environment. In order to benefit the planet, communities, and companies we live and work in, Xyletec’s scientists, in conjunction with Scion, a world class R&D organization, have developed and patented a sustainable, eco-efficient, bio-based functional filler.

These products are based on annually-renewable agricultural and biomass feedstock, and can be used as a 100% replacement of mineral fillers or blended with mineral and/or glass fillers to achieve a specific objective.

Multiple Uses, Exponential Benefits

By utilizing sustainable technology, a non-food biomass source feedstock, and reducing the consumption of oil and mineral resources, Xyletec products provide a green, eco-friendly filler alternative.

The benefits, however, don’t stop at the environmental level. The use of biomass source feedstock will create a positive economic impact on the local agricultural and ethanol industry. Communities near manufacturing facilities will be able to reap the benefits of an increasingly healthy economy.

Satisfied Customers are Our Priority

At Xyletec, we aim to provide a cost-effective means to meet market requirements for lower-weight components, lower emissions, and high value without sacrificing quality.

The use of our bio filler allows for lower part and manufacturing costs, as well as price certainty, isolated from the fluctuations in crude oil. By meeting environmental scorecard targets, our customers have an increased ability to retain and grow business with existing customers, and qualify for Federal Bio-Preferred Purchasing Programs and LEED certification.

Your Partner in Sustainable Success

Xyletec Developments, LTD, offers total customer support — from off-the-shelf products to the development of custom products or services for your application.

The team at Xyletec is ready to work hand-in-hand with you as we explore your specific needs in order to provide the solutions you require.


Supply capabilities globally with current company locations in the US and NZ.


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About Xyletec

Xyletec is a company that uses dry distilled grains like corn and steam to form a lighter composite material that can be put into resins for plastics & more.